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Financial/Expense Assistance

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  • Economic Self Sufficiency Programs (1)

    Economic Self Sufficiency Programs


    Programs that assist low-income single parents, teen parents, displaced homemakers, public assistance recipients or other targeted individuals and families to achieve economic independence and long-term stability through an integrated group of services which may include education and job training, microenterprise development, mentoring services, life skills training, personal enrichment classes, counseling services, parenting skills development, legal assistance, housing assistance, child care and transportation assistance, information and referral and advocacy. The services may be delivered using an intensive case management model which involves assignment of a case manager, development of an individualized case plan and assessment of progress in meeting agreed upon goals and objectives.
  • Homeless Financial Assistance Programs (1)

    Homeless Financial Assistance Programs


    Programs authorized under federal or state legislation or local government initiatives that provide financial assistance for the express purpose of obtaining temporary shelter, emergency housing or permanent housing for individuals and/or families who are homeless or imminently homeless. Expenses may include rental deposits, rent assistance, utility deposits, moving expenses, expenses associated with non-shelter temporary housing in situations where permanent housing has been secured but is currently unavailable, and other costs the family may incur in the process of acquiring or maintaining housing. Allowable activities, eligibility criteria and other requirements vary depending on the funding source.
  • Veteran Home Loans (2)

    Veteran Home Loans


    Programs that assist veterans who want to purchase or construct a home by issuing GI loans which feature moderate interest rates, no down payment, a long repayment period, and the right to pay all or a portion or the loan in advance without penalty.

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